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Our Music Learning Centres

Siri Ya Muziki: Music & Languages Learning Centre was started in October 2015, in Ngumo estate, Nairobi.

We now have 2 learning centres,
1) Mbagathi Way Campus
2) Kikuyu Campus

SIRI YA MUZIKI: MBAGATHI WAY CAMPUS                                                   
Our Mbagathi Way Campus is an intimate setting that only hosts a maximum of 5 students at a time. We thus specialise in individual private lessons as well as early musicianship classes.

We also have a fun holiday program for kids known as Nyota. Click here for more information on the Nyota Program 

SIRI YA MUZIKI: KIKUYU CAMPUS                                                               
Our Kikuyu Campus is the perfect creativity hub. With green luscious gardens as well open spaces and sufficient equipment for modern day music learning.

We continue to work towards our vision of bettering the African Music scene by providing world class education, at rates that allow most Kenyans access to music education.

Siri Ya Muziki yearns to create great musicians. This is our passion. Enrol for any of our programs today and let us enable you unlock that potential.